Exhaust Fan

Wall-mounted Exhaust Fan, 1380/1220/1100/1000/900, for Greenhouse/Poultry/Industrial

•Outline border was created in single punch by an advanced automated process
•Thicker zinc coat makes it corrosion-resistant and there are water holes on the bottom of the frame
•The hub was made of aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy through hot-cast molding. It's lightweight and strong with good tensile strength
•Six newly designed stainless steel blades are made in a single punch
•No distortion, no fracture, attractive and durable
•Shutter is made of high-strength hot-dip galvanized sheet
•The special automatic shutter-opening device (push-pull device) ensures the shutter opens and closes completely, so that the shutter can open 90 °at any times and the product is wind-, rain- and dust-resistant
•The push-pull device is formed from tough industrial nylon through injection molding
•Strong with long lifespan and the guide bar is mounted within the metal to increase the strength of the guide bar and enhance the reliability and lifespan of the opening and closing mechanism 
•Double bracing (E style) belt transporter
•Voltage: 380V
•Protection class: IP54
•Insulation class: F
•Imported type-B belt, distortion-free with long life span, no need for maintenance
•Automatic adjuster made from aluminum-magnesium alloy using abrasive molding frame for long lifespan without deformation
•The use of internal belt tension effectively prevents the belt twisting
•Production incorporates six strict quality inspection processes: noise inspection, vibration test, concentric performance test, fan-blade rotation test, wind capacity test and efficiency test