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OEM/ODM Processing

        We have original equipment manufacturer who can undertake machining of all types of metal machinery, sheet metal and plastic products. We also have cooperation with Ministry of overseas development to do R & D projects. The factory of OEM can provide professional processing, welding, and assembly for both small batch and large quantities of sheet metal, with rapid design and proofing. We will provide our customers with solutions to deal with the problems occurred in the machining process. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers the service of production of all kinds of products, and the strong support of technology.

ODM development process:

1. Product functional requirements, technical feasibility analysis.
2. The technique route planning
3. The technical proposal (the technique route, development planning, development cost budget, product cost estimation table of contents).
4. Production process: Industrial Design (shape, appearance, structure design, mould), provide the function requirements of the prototype test sample.
Product production:
LRIP: production tooling, test, trial feedback.
Production: production, test tooling document standardization, design of mechanical drawings finalized.